Disaster can strike at any time. The actions teams take to learn and prepare for future disasters directly impacts where they land on the scale between resilience and vulnerability, prosperity and hardship, life and death.

At Kaizen Global Solutions, we understand the immense undertaking involved in preparing teams for the myriad of catastrophes that can happen at any one time. Our elite force of experts is primed with purpose and deep experience, ready to jump in feet first to train and transfer our knowledge base and skills to those who need it most.

Once engaged, we actively focus on four areas that drive preparedness and edge teams closer to a preventative state: acute training, hands-on experience, forward-looking policy creation and cutting-edge technology. With those four components in place and a strong sense of renewed purpose, teams are poised to prevent and handle any future disastrous events.


Mastering a range of fundamental, tactical and technical skills


Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and technology


Partnering with elite operators to ramp quickly and create habitual responses in crisis situations


Adopting policy that enables nimble action and matches today’s challenging environment


Policy innovation

Unconsciously, teams follow the Four Cs model. If left unchallenged, they will always find themselves marching towards another catastrophe.

Conversely, teams can proactively anticipate and mitigate potential setbacks by continuously challenging and growing their organization.

Competence in one’s job eventually leads to Confidence

New challenge lead to building up competence

Once Confident, lack of challenge can lead to Complacency



The Kaizen Global Solutions team is comprised of world class training leaders with decades of combined experience in military special operations and domestic law enforcement.

All of our instructors are subject matter experts and experienced operators, as well as instructor cadre for Special Operations and SWAT teams throughout the world. We are also nimble and can customize training, tactics, equipment and technology to parallel that of the host nation’s laws or Rules of Engagement.


What we do?

Given today’s era of volatility, we have dedicated our lives to leveraging our rich set of experiences in special operations, law enforcement and global leadership.

The main drivers of our actions lie within four dominant challenges that many teams face today:

  • Inability to recognize or respond to a crisis

  • Inability to train to the standard level of global threats

  • Outdated policies that do not account for modernization or flexibility

  • Lack of equipment to build a safe infrastructure



Kaizen Global Solutions offers a range of training programs that leverage our collective background in special operations, law enforcement and global leadership.

Fundamentals Training

  • Enhanced Marksmanship Pistol/Rifle Course
  • Long Rifle Capability Urban/Rural
  • Undercover Operations/Surveillance Techniques
  • K-9 Training

Tactical Training

  • Entry Tactics/Interior Movement
  • Hostage Rescue Operations/Barricade Operations
  • Wateborne Operations
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Tactical Team K-9 Integration
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Technical Training

  • Hazardous Device Team (EOD) Training/Recognition
  • Command Post Operations
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence (CBRN)
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE)/Evidence Handling and Processing
  • Biometrics Training

How can we serve you?

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